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Not every auto insurance policy is the same, particularly when it comes to new cars. Car buyers should make certain that they have auto insurance that properly protects their sizable investments or they may regret it. Take a few minutes to ensure that you truly have the auto insurance you need.

Surprisingly, a new car depreciates up to 30 percent during the first year, and many insures will take a deduction for depreciation during this time. By asking the right question, you can avoid some nasty surprises, and maybe even find ways to save money on your issuance.

Before purchasing a vehicle, ask the following questions. What does my auto coverage actually cover? Determine in advance the level of protection actually afforded under the terms of the policy. For example, if your car is damaged beyond repair, will your auto insurer replace the vehicle with a new one, or tale that deduction for depreciation?

Is image everything? Certain cars catch the eye, but you may end up paying more fore flair. Cars that are expensive to repair or have historically higher theft rates carry higher insurance accosts. Specialty vehicles and sports care typically cost more to insure.

Can I use the accessories to my advantage? If your vehicle come equipped with such things a anti-theft/alarm devices or anti-lock brakes, you may qualify for discounts.

Are there other discounts that I qualify for? Insures offer discounts for a number of factors including good driving record, certain safe driving courses, the number of drivers using the vehicle, low annual mileage and whether the vehicle is kept in a garage overnight or parked on the street.

Can my good driving record work for me in the event of a loss? Certain insurance companies will reward customers for good driving habits , by reducing their deductible for each year of loss-free driving. Make sure to ask whether your company offers it.

How safe is the vehicle? Besides ensuring greater peace of mind, vehicles that are considered "crashworthy" usually cost less to to insure. Before making your final decision, pay a visit to to find the vehicle rating for your prospective purchase.

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